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Lucas Design & Advertising provides everything a small to medium sized company needs to bring it's product or service to the marketplace - all from one source.

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  • advertising agency


    • ad campaigns
    • graphic design
    • brochures & collateral
    • website design
    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Lucas Design & Advertising understands the prettiest designs are worthless if they don't communicate the desired message. Our designs are visual and impactful. We provide turn-key national award winning creative solutions, including concepting, design, writing, production and print coordination.
  • branding


    • logo design
    • brand strategy
    • brand development
    • visual identity
    Branding is the creation of a consistent and unified identity that's carried from your logo throughout all your marketing efforts. It's all about how you want the consumer to perceive your product or company. Lucas Design & Advertising will develop and manage a strong and effective brand identity that communicates your personality and sets you apart from your competition.
  • packaging design

    packaging design

    • retail packaging design
    • private label packaging
    • custom packaging
    • pop displays
    Lucas Design & Advertising offering over 20 years of experience creating customized retail packaging and private label packaging design solutions for a variety of national clients. We have extensive experience creating effective and eye catching packaging that produce results.
  • ad agency


    • market research
    • surveys & focus groups
    • marketing strategy
    • public relations
    Successful marketing and advertising starts with understanding your target market. Lucas Design & Advertising will help you identify your target markets and understand what motivates them. Then we'll develop a targeted and cost effective marketing strategy, including an action plan and media schedule. This strategy provides the road map to your marketing efforts. Then we'll evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts and modify the plan as needed.
  • logo design


    • media planning
    • media placement
    • tracking
    • remnant media
    Lucas Design & Advertising will develop a comprehensive media plan to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. We can negotiate and place advertising media on a local, regional and national level, in various media, including print, radio, television, electronic and more.
  • advertising


    • social marketing
    • seo & ppc
    • remarketing
    • e-mail marketing
    It's not enough to just have a website. You need to drive customer to your site. Lucas Design & Advertising offers comprehensive interactive marketing solutions to drive new customers to your website, as well as bring your existing customers back.
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